A few new photos

Helping Sarah with some cooking.


Ella and Max with their cousins

New address and phone

Please take notice, we now have a new address and phone number. The contact page has been updated.

2597 Woodside Ridge Dr
Apopka, FL 32712


Latest News

All sorts of things have been going on as we have not updated the site in a long time. We are making some changes to hopefully make updating this easier. The calendar is all new, and much more dynamic now. The main page here is fed by a blog on blogger.com that we can edit anytime, from anywhere. I will be updated the photo galleries to an online hosted service next.

We moved into our new house about 3 months ago. We are almost moved in now, pretty much just need to unpack the garage which is a mess, and then get to work on all of the electronics.

Ella started preschool last week. She goes Tuesdays and Thursdays for 3 hours per day at a church not far from the house.

Our nanny found out she is pregnant, so she will be leaving us in February, leaving Sarah and I with some decisions to make.

Hope to get more up here soon.


Now this is being hosted at my site, let's see if this works.