Disney Cruise Review

While we were on our vacation, we had a whole ton of people ask us about the cruise that we on.  Enough questions in fact, that it warranted it's own write up here.
The Wynns in front of the amazing Disney Dream
If you are not aware, we surprised the kids by taking them on a 4 day Caribbean Disney cruise aboard their brand new boat, the Disney Dream.  We had received one of those promotional sales DVD's in the mail at some point about the cruises, and the kids became obsessed with going on a cruise.  Max especially so, I am pretty sure that he may know every detail about each boat in the Disney fleet after having watched that DVD probably 100 times.

Max's 6th Birthday

Given that we were heading to Florida for Max's birthday again, we decided to throw a small party before we left on vacation.  We were planning on leaving on December 3rd, so we had to move his party all the way up to  November 27th.

Max picked 3 of his buddies to go with him to see the new Muppet movie.  Afterwards we headed to his favorite desert place, Dairy Queen, for some ice cream and presents.  The kids had a really fun time, the new Muppet movie was actually pretty good (the movie theater even gave him a poster of the movie).  We really irritated a lady to take this photo, she was sitting on this bench and we asked her to move so that we could take a picture.  She wasn't very happy, and I just don't care.

Max referred to it as his fake birthday since his real birthday was not for a little over a week.  For his real birthday, we were on our cruise that we surprised the kids with, so we let him mostly decide what we were going to do that day (we rode the Aquaduck a lot and ate a ton of ice cream).