Summer Update

Well, it has been quite awhile since we have updated the site.  That is because it has been a pretty typical summer for us.  We haven't done a whole lot outside of normal summer stuff.  There is some adjusting into only having the sun for the summer, it makes you want to go out every day and get as much of it while you can.  Here are a few highlights from the summer so far.

There has been a whole ton of birthday parties for the kids, seems like there is one every weekend.  One of the cooler ones was for a little girl in Ella's class.  Her family has some friends who work at the zoo, so her party was at the zoo.  All of the kids got to feed the giraffes, and then spend all day at the zoo checking things out.  It is really quite a nice zoo, very big, the animals have very natural enclosures so it doesn't feel like those old zoos full of cages.