Ella broke her arm

We have the first broken bone in the family.  About 2 weeks ago, Ella fell off the monkey bars and broke her right arm.

The crazy part is that she hobbled around with it for two days before we finally took her to the doctor.  She never really complained about it hurting, it didn't bruise up or really swell at all.  She complained a little about the pain that first night, but we just gave her some aspirin and then she never complained again.

It's a new car!

We finally had to trade old Betsy about 2 months back.  Our 8 year old, 160,000 mile, Buick Rendezvous was starting to show it's age and it was time to upgrade.  After shopping for a few weeks, and looking at the Buick Enclave, the new Ford Explorer, and the Audi Q7, we went with another Buick.  You just can't beat that GM discount.

So now we are the proud new owners of a 2011 Buick Enclave, this baby is fully loaded, leather, navigation, rear seat DVD (which we did not want but got kind of stuck), AWD, the works.  I have to say it is really nice, we are really happy with it so far.

Ella's 7th Birthday

I cannot believe that it has already been a month since Ella turned 7.  She is already acting 17, gets her feistyness from her mother obviously.

For her birthday, Ella took a few friends to the movie to see Hop.  The kids all wore bunny ears during the movie, we had about half a row filled with little girls, then Sarah, myself, and Max.  The theater brought a little kids meal thing to each kid with some popcorn, candy, and a drink.  Ella also got to bring home a movie poster from the movie which is now hanging in her room.  I need to get a real movie poster frame that lights up and makes it look cool.