Ella broke her arm

We have the first broken bone in the family.  About 2 weeks ago, Ella fell off the monkey bars and broke her right arm.

The crazy part is that she hobbled around with it for two days before we finally took her to the doctor.  She never really complained about it hurting, it didn't bruise up or really swell at all.  She complained a little about the pain that first night, but we just gave her some aspirin and then she never complained again.

I even tested it out, I made her squeeze my finger, she seemed to have a lot of strength, and I even asked her if it hurt and she said no.

So finally on the second day when she was still just kind of holding her arm out in front of her, not using it, we decided to take her to the doctor.  She wouldn't even write with her right hand, she just gave it her best with her left and got on with business.

Well now you know that it turned out to be broken.  We had to take her to a specialist, but they said it wouldn't impact the growth of her arm or anything like that.  They put a brace on it, and said to come back in a few weeks.  They figured if she was ok, then she would be ok with a brace, no need to cast it up.  I think she was kind of disappointed in not having a cast, she was hoping to have everyone sign it.

The brace is nice, because she can take it off and take a bath, and she likes to take it off when she sleeps.


Anonymous said...

aww tell my little ella love that i just sprained my wrist the other day and i have to wear a brace too!! --Jackie

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