Zombie Walk

While Sarah and I were in Stockholm this past weekend, we stumbled into the middle of the zombie walk.  If you are not familiar with this whole zombie walk thing, I believe that it is a self organizing event where a bunch of people show up at a specified location all dressed like zombies.  Then they parade along a route, some even act like zombies during the walk.  It is all in good fun and I think some of them even raise money for charities which is nice.

Anyhow, we where in the Gamla Stan (translates to Old Town) section of Stockholm when all of sudden hundreds of zombies were marching through the streets.  It was pretty cool.  I think that they may have done one in Detroit on the same day - see here.

I took a short video of about a third of it on my iPhone (next time that I use my iPhone for video I will turn it sideways).

There are a lot of photos from the event here.

Just a small update

I have not posted much lately because I moved into our new house about a week ago and I am without internet access for another week or two.  Another personnummer barrier, when I signed up for internet access, they had to send me a form to fill out and I had to make a deposit before they would send me the modem.  That takes a good 3 weeks to get through all of that and actually receive the modem.

I did actually receive my personnummer this week so that is no longer an issue.  I also now have a personal banker who literally does everything for me from the bank, loans, mortgages, account information, pension information, everything.  I will post more on that later, I have an appointment with her at the end of the month.

Sarah is here visiting, she had the same culture shock that I had when I came in July, she will just start to get used to it when she leaves on Sunday.  The only thing she wants to do is buy a car because she doesn't like waiting outside for the buses and trains.  The airline lost her luggage and we still have no idea where it is, she arrived yesterday morning, and we have no word on where it could be.  It is kind of problematic because obviously Sarah has no clothes (we had to go shopping to at least buy a coat yesterday), but it also had a lot of information that I need along with some new clothes for me to.