Emma and the Creepy Hour - Ella's First Book

As part of Ella's 2nd grade writing curriculum, all of the students wrote a short story.  Ella really got into it and wrote quite the little piece, complete with illustrations and everything.  Click on Read More to see Ella's manuscript completely unedited.  I should turn it into a real book on one of those websites, but I need her to redo all of the illustrations for it.

Here is the description that she wrote for the back of the book to prime you up for it.

A creepy case is on the chase!

A girl named Emma has dog she lets her brother borrow the dog.  The brother does something bad.  Will they find the dog?

Max's First Baseball Season

Max wrapped up his first season of t-ball just a couple of weeks ago, playing for the Marlins.  He really enjoyed playing here, and we had a pretty good spring and were not rained out too often.  It was a bit cold for a few games, but playable.