Latest Events

The end of October rolling into November is always a busy time of year for us. With Halloween and Sarah's birthday, we are quite busy for a few days.

Halloween was really nice this year. Ella dressed up as a witch and Max was a pirate. Although by the end of the night Max was pretty tired and his costume was hanging off of his shoulder so he looked more like a drunken pirate, but we are pretty sure that he had a good time. They certainly raked in the candy. Chris' work had a Halloween party where all of the kids could go around and go trick or treating to peoples cubes and offices (they took half the cnady that I had out in my office, the little ferrets). Then they had a party setup in the big conference room with food, pumpkin carving contest and stuff like that. We then went to our old neighborhood to go trick or treating with Ella's friends Jacob and Ella Grace. Halloween has an altogether different vibe down here then up in Michigan. Maybe it is just because of the weather, but Halloween is a serious party holiday down here with many, many large groups of people outside and all around the neighborhood. I put some updated photos up on the web albums here (click on the word here if that wasn't obvious to you).

Sarah's birthday today was very nice. We had dinner at Kobe, which is a Japanese steakhouse that we had never been to. The kids really enjoyed it, with the onion volcanoes and everything. Max devored a ton of food, it was pretty impressive really.