Chris Wynn - Poker Champion

Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?  Hopefully, the first of many.

Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves, but I did win a small local poker tournament back in October.  Sarah gave me an early birthday present and bought my entry to a poker tournament that our gym (Pro Sports Club) was putting on.  The prizes were pretty good and she thought I would have fun.  I played pretty good and ended up winning.  I won a trip for two to Vegas, four nights at the Wynn Las Vegas, airfare and the whole deal.  We are hoping that our name will get us a free room upgrade, we'll see.  Little known fact the owner Steve Wynn is not a real Wynn, he changed his name, but I think we will let him join the club as an honorary member.  We are going to go in mid February, should be a lot of fun.  They even put out a bi-monthly magazine called the Pro Pulse that had a nice photo spread of my victory.  Check it out.

Ella's Vacation Report

In Ella's 1st grade writer's workshop, Ella decided to write all about our vacation.  It was sent home today in her backpack for Sarah and I to read.  I am rewriting here for everyone because it is pretty funny, this is word for word, but I corrected the spelling to make it easier to read.  I scanned the actual papers, including her illustrations and posted those below each report.

I got so much stuffed animals!  I got Bolt, Piglet, and a Pygmy Puff.  We went to Harry Potter Land.  We went on the Hagrid ride 10 times.  I went to Ollivander's to get my wand it had real unicorn hair in inside it.  I did real Harry Potter magic!

Happy New Year!

2010 - 0, The Wynns - 1.  That's right, we kicked 2010's butt, wiped the floor with it.  Moved the whole family across the country, started a new job, new routines, new friends, everything and we came out pretty good if I do say so myself.  We have a busy 2011 ahead of us, so look out.

New Year's resolutions you ask, ha not for this family.  I have never been a resolution kind of a guy, we always have goals that we are working towards, but those goals cannot be stipulated to by a calendar.  They happen when they are ready to happen, not because the calendar says May or June.

In other news, Ella lost another tooth.  The other front bottom one this time, she lost it in school while in class, it just popped out she said.  The tooth fairy got a little stuck and only had a $5 on her, that was it, so this tooth was worth $5.  Good thing the tooth fairy wasn't stuck with only a $50 or $100.

I have started another blog to track my renewed interest in brewing my own beer.  Follow along, hilarity and failure will undoubtedly ensue - Little Monkey Homebrew.

I was able to earn Silver status on Delta airlines from all of my travel last year.  Free upgrades all next year baby, should come in handy on a flight to LA next week...

Finally, thank you all for the presents and warm holiday wishes.  Sorry we did not send out any cards this year, we were just a bit busy through December and just did not get to it.  I hope everyone enjoyed your holidays, we sure did.