Ella went indoor skydiving

While our friends, Tanai and Gildo, from Brazil were here visiting, Ella was able to go indoor skydiving with them. She was super excited, and thinks that she knows how to fly now.

I did this once when I was 16, Ella was a lot better than I was.

Incredibly busy year so far

Well, this year has been unbelievably busy. We have had a ton of visitors which we love, especially with the new house.

Ella is finishing up school, she joined a soccer league, which is just about wrapped up. Her school did another musical end of year performance the other night. I will try and get some soccer videos and a video of the music thing up soon.

Max is still Max, he is talking non stop just like his sister. He is adding new words to his vocabulary every day. He is finally starting to try and climb out of his crib, so we are going to need to switch him to a toddler bed soon.

Sarah is enjoying life at home, but will probably be returning to some work, hopefully something where she can work from home.

I just finished work on NASCAR '09 for the XBox 360 and PS3, it should be on store shelves on June 10th.