Ella lost her first tooth!

Today was a big day for Ella.  She lost her first tooth!  She lost her bottom front tooth.  The little sucker had been loose for about a month, maybe a month and a half.  She was playing with it constantly tonight, distracting her from paying attention at soccer practice.  I thought that it still had a few weeks to go before it popped up.

But after coming home from soccer, she was out playing with some friends when she and her friends came running in yelling her tooth was going to come out.  So we went into the bathroom to check it out and she was wiggling it all over the place.  I told her to just pop it right out of there, and she did.  She was pretty excited, and surprised that there was no blood.  We had been preparing her for what it might be like.

She couldn't wait to eat dinner to see what it felt like, "funny".  And she is lining up Lucky Charms for breakfast (her favorite) to see what that is like with a missing tooth.

She put her tooth in a little jewelry box that Sarah gave her for the tooth fairy.  The tooth fairy already stopped by and left her $2, hope that is a pretty good rate.  Now we just need to get her to save it, she is kind of careless with her money just leaving it all over the place.

We also just happen to have received the Tooth Fairy from Netflix, the movie starring the Rock.  She will probably enjoy watching that this weekend.

Back to School

Well the kids went back to school about 3 weeks ago now.  The end of summer also means the end of the nice weather that we had here.  Back to rain and drizzle, kind of a bummer, I could have used another month of sunshine.  So we booked some tickets to Florida in December for Max's birthday.  Head back to the home of the Mouse for a week to get some sunshine, have some fun, and visit our friends in Florida.

Ella started 1st grade this year, she is back to all day school again.  She is really liking it, she has 2 teachers instead of 1, and they seem to be doing a really good job.  She picked up reading pretty well over the summer and is turning into a bit of a bookworm.  Ella took up running club, I think with all of my running, biking, and going to gym, she has a big interest in working out.  Every Tuesday night, she and a couple of hundred kids just run around a makeshift track at school.  At the completion of every quarter mile lap they get a cube, or a block or something.  Then when they get done, they count their blocks to see how far they went. I guess she ran 2 miles this last Tuesday, that is pretty impressive in my opinion.