Ella lost her first tooth!

Today was a big day for Ella.  She lost her first tooth!  She lost her bottom front tooth.  The little sucker had been loose for about a month, maybe a month and a half.  She was playing with it constantly tonight, distracting her from paying attention at soccer practice.  I thought that it still had a few weeks to go before it popped up.

But after coming home from soccer, she was out playing with some friends when she and her friends came running in yelling her tooth was going to come out.  So we went into the bathroom to check it out and she was wiggling it all over the place.  I told her to just pop it right out of there, and she did.  She was pretty excited, and surprised that there was no blood.  We had been preparing her for what it might be like.

She couldn't wait to eat dinner to see what it felt like, "funny".  And she is lining up Lucky Charms for breakfast (her favorite) to see what that is like with a missing tooth.

She put her tooth in a little jewelry box that Sarah gave her for the tooth fairy.  The tooth fairy already stopped by and left her $2, hope that is a pretty good rate.  Now we just need to get her to save it, she is kind of careless with her money just leaving it all over the place.

We also just happen to have received the Tooth Fairy from Netflix, the movie starring the Rock.  She will probably enjoy watching that this weekend.


Steven said...

Be ready when that next tooth pops out. You will love this FREE Tooth Fairy keepsake:


Anonymous said...

I think the Seattle Tooth Fairy is on the frugal side. I hear the Fenton Fairy left $20 for the first tooth! She looks so cute and with all her friends around, it looks like it was quite an event. She looks much happier with losing a tooth than she did on her first day of school!

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