More Changes in Store for the Wynns

I sadly have to change the name of the blog to "The Wynns - An American Family That Almost Lived in Sweden".  I recently made a hard decision to resign my job with Hansoft in Sweden after only being there for 3 months.  I did this a few weeks ago at the beginning of December because I made a ver difficult decision prior to my family and stuff being shipped to Sweden.  But I have been holding off on talking about it until everything was in place and all of the necessary people were notified. 

When I accepted the position, I was fully aware that it required quite a bit of travel, between 30 and 50%.  What I did not anticipate was how hard that would be on me being away from Sarah and the kids.  It was something that Sarah and I talked about quite a bit, but in the end we didn't think it would be that big of a deal, so we went for it.  But as time went by, it was becoming increasingly difficult on me.  Sarah had handled it very well, she settled into her own routines, and the kids were too young to really express their feelings.  But I was having a harder and harder time thinking about being the father that I want to be while being away from the kids and Sarah that much.  So I decided to make a really hard decision and quit that job before it became too hard to do so and I would have regretted taking the job in the first place.  It was not easy, and I know that it hurt a lot of people, most of all the team of very hard working people at Hansoft in Sweden.  But I had to put my family first and I still feel that I made the right decision.

However that still left us in a bit of a quandry, we had sold the house in Florida and I couldn't do anything about that.  Very unexpectedly another oppurtunity presented itself that I really never expected.  I was offered a really good position within Microsoft in their gaming division that I have decided to take.  So now, instead of moving to Sweden, we are moving in the other direction to Seattle.  We turned around a complete move in 24 hours and our stuff is now on the way to Seattle.  It is a bit of a shame because we had sold just about everything anticipating moving into a much smaller home in Sweden, so wherever we move to in Seattle is going to be a bit bare for awhile.  I will be starting that job in January after spending some time in Michigan for the holidays and a final trip to Sweden to wrap things up over there right at the beginning of the New Year.  I will be taking a job as Lead Producer on the Gears of War franchise for Microsoft.  I have always been a big fan of that game, and am really looking forward to having a chance to be a part of it.

It has been a really crazy year for the Wynns, a lot of things happened that I would have never expected to happen.  We feel like we ultimately have made the right decisions even if we got there in a way that not everyone would understand.