Yes, we lost again

8 to nothing. Absolutely the worst game of the season, the kids were just not engaged today.

The parents have asked that I return for another season because registration just opened for the Spring season. I'm not sure what my decision will be yet.

Trip for the Holidays is booked

I just bought our flights to head up to Michigan for Christmas. We'll be up for 2 weeks. We will be flying up on the 18th, arriving at 12:30pm. I will be heading straight to the Coney Island for lunch, you can find me there. We are flying back on the 1st, leaving Michigan at 5:30pm. There will be much Chinese food consumed in between those dates.

I think my dad offered up his car for us to use, so we will take that. We are still working out arrangements on where we will stay. We might rent a house with Sarah's parents for some of the time. It is just nice to have a place to go to where the kids can be loud and cry because we keep them up to late when we come to visit.

See everyone in just over a month.

Please keep a few people in your thoughts

Mary Butcher, Gene's mother (and Lisa's mother-in-law) was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. For those of you that don't know Mary has survived a tough battle against Leukemia and has been in remission since receiving a marrow transplant some years back. She just recently found out that she has stage 3 breast cancer and will begin chemo and other treatments soon. Let's pray that she pulls through another difficult battle.

My mother was just laid off from her job this week. Her law firm had to cut back and my mom was laid off. With my dad also not working, things could be a bit tight for my parents. I am sure she will find a new job soon, but it is certainly a very stressful time to have to deal with.


Ella voted "red"

Ella's preschool class voted yesterday. Their election was between the colors blue and red. Ella said she voted red, and red ultimately won the vote. I couldn't be more proud of my early conservative daughter, it must be ingrained in her DNA.

Oh bax, Obama wins

Well, Obama has just been named our next president. All I have to say right now, is that I don't believe that history will be kind to his legacy. The early honeymoon period (and liberal media) will all seem great, but long term this will be an absolute disaster.

To explain "oh bax", Ella said "that sucks" a few weeks ago because I say it all of the time. I told her that she needs to be a bit older before she can say that. So she said, is it ok to say bax? I said sure, so she started saying, Max picked it up, and now I find myself using it.

I am going to have some ice cream...

Get out there and vote!

Voting is your voice! That’s all kinds of constitutional, baby! You better vote or that’s all she wrote!

Really just wanted an excuse to get a little Terry Tate up here.

Return of Terry Tate

It was a loss

We had high hopes going into yesterday's soccer game. We ultimately lost again, 8-3. We were definately the better team, the trouble was that we scored 3 goals on ourselves. So we scored 6 goals, and the other team only scored 5, but it doesn't work like that.

We are definately not a morning team, we need all of our games at night. Evident in the fact that we scored 3 goals on ourselves.