World Tour

Another old post, just never got around to posting this until now.  Almost a year ago now, I was able to travel all over the place to promote the launch of the last game that I finished, Gears of War: Judgment.  I had a lot of fun going to see cool places and meet with the press and fans to talk about the game.

It all started in February with a trip to the Super Bowl!  If you know how much I love football, then you know how much I enjoyed this one.  We were showing the game at an event during the Super Bowl, and some friends at Microsoft were able to secure tickets to the game which was really awesome.  The Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers despite a stadium blackout due to a faulty power transformer or something.  I even came home with a broken shoulder that required some surgery.

Ella's 9th Birthday

Ella had a lovely 9th birthday this last year (really late in posting this), she was able to go to Chicago with Sarah and Grandma Linda.  She took her American Girl doll, Kaya, with her and they stayed at the Talbot with a special American Girl package.  Her doll had her own bed, she was able to order room service for both of them, and everything in the room was customized to them.  They spent a lot of time checking out the Chicago sites and shopping in the American Girl doll store.

Travel by train as a new experience.  Pontiac to Chicago