Ella's Vacation Report

In Ella's 1st grade writer's workshop, Ella decided to write all about our vacation.  It was sent home today in her backpack for Sarah and I to read.  I am rewriting here for everyone because it is pretty funny, this is word for word, but I corrected the spelling to make it easier to read.  I scanned the actual papers, including her illustrations and posted those below each report.

I got so much stuffed animals!  I got Bolt, Piglet, and a Pygmy Puff.  We went to Harry Potter Land.  We went on the Hagrid ride 10 times.  I went to Ollivander's to get my wand it had real unicorn hair in inside it.  I did real Harry Potter magic!

When we were done with lunch we lost Ella Grace.  I thought that she was behind me but she was gone.  The moms kept looking for her but the moms didn't find her.  But in a while Ella Grace's mom found her.  Now I know that to make sure that I'm always be with my mom and dad.

I went to the pool.  I did not know that Ella Grace and Anna and Jacob and Ashton were coming.  I went on the big waterslide with Jacob.  Me and Ella Grace tired but we started swimming then we weren't tired any more.  Then me and Ella Grace went on the little waterslide 15 times.  My vacation was so FUN!


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