Emma and the Creepy Hour - Ella's First Book

As part of Ella's 2nd grade writing curriculum, all of the students wrote a short story.  Ella really got into it and wrote quite the little piece, complete with illustrations and everything.  Click on Read More to see Ella's manuscript completely unedited.  I should turn it into a real book on one of those websites, but I need her to redo all of the illustrations for it.

Here is the description that she wrote for the back of the book to prime you up for it.

A creepy case is on the chase!

A girl named Emma has dog she lets her brother borrow the dog.  The brother does something bad.  Will they find the dog?

About the Author
My name is Ella Wynn and I am eight years old.  I wrote this book in second grade.  I was inspired to write Emma and the creepy hour by my family and friends because they have dogs and once I lost my dog and found him.

I dedicat this book to my family and friends for encourgeing me all the way thourgh my second grade life.  Also Mrs. Gehring because she helped me and Danille because her book inspied me.

Emma and the Creepy Hour
One day Emma went to the Miami Mall to buy a dog at the pet store.  The owner asked "What are you going to name your dog?".

Emma responded "Ice Cream and thanks Marco."  Then she got some strawberry ice cream, some cloths, some shoes, and finally got lunch.  Then Emma went home with a fluffy black and white dog.  Then Emma went to Target to buy a coller, leash, sweater for cold seasons because they lived in WA and sunglasses for Ice Cream.  Then Emma gave Ice Cream to her 19 year old brother named Ron that was blind.  So he doesn't know who hes talking to.

Then Ron accidently went to Emma's little brothers named Jack daycare and he gave Ice Cream to Jack!  Jack hates dogs.  When Emma went home she walked insted of the bus but the bad thing is Jack is putting Ice Cream in their grandpas truck that came to pick him up!  Then Emma met up with Ron and she noticed Ice Cream was gone then she screamed "Ron you lost Ice Cream!" then Ron cried "sorry.".  Emma looked like she was pterfied Ron looked like he felt sorry.

Jack heard everything he felt good but no one else did.  Jack sort of felt sorry but he left it behind.  Emma was so scared so much.  Emma was thinking someone would murder Ice Cream.  She was TERRIFIED!!!!!!!

Emma was exideted to get a dog but now she was sad.  Emma with her purse sadly walked to her house then she saw the daycare bus then she got some curiousty from her little borther Jack.  Then Emma stared and kept going.  When Emma got home her mom and dad named Kacye and John.  Then they told her "honey come in to rest".  Then Emma quietly answered "Ok".  Then Kacye told Emma "my friend is here I want you to say hello".  Kacyes friends name is Katie.

Emma mumbled "Hello Katie".

Katie answered "Hello.  I heard you lost two teeth at once!"

Emma replied "I know".

John asked "Emma what did you do today?"

Emma answered "I bought a dog, a pair of shoes, some cloths, and got lunch and left".

Then Katie asked "Emma wheres your dog?"

Then Emma was heartbroke.  She didn't belive that Katie would ask so she just blurted it out "Oh I lost Ice Cream!"

Then everyone gasped "Huh?"

Then Emma told her story.  She explained how she got Ice Cream, gave Ice Cream to Ron, and how Ron lost Ice Cream.  Then Katie yelled "Wow!  I never have gone through all of that!"

Then Kacye explained "Well honey I did see Jack with a black and white dog."

Then Emma screamed "Jack took Ice Cream!!!"

She thought the case was cracked but it was'nt.  Emma was happy.  She went over to Jack and yelled "Hand the dog over!" in a western voice.

Then Jack explained "I put the dog in grandpas truck."

Emma was asnountesed of what she just heard.  She was thinking so much she fantied.  She heard the running footsteps coming towrd her.  She heard the talking.  The next thing she knew she was in the car.  In the car she fainted again.  She could hear panicing voices.  She could hear crying.  She could hear traffic.  When she was at the hospatil (she was still asleep) she got tons of presnets from famly, reltives, friends, also her classes.  The next morning she woke up in the hospatil.  She had no idea what happened then the first thing she did was open all her presents.  These are some of the stuff she got: a real hamser, a pogo stick, a counmuter, a real cat, a collicten of marbles, a toy rollor coster.

Then she saw her grandpa.  Emma yelled "Grandpa!" and Emma's grandpa gave Ice Cream to Emma.  Then Ron came back from his party and Emma forgave him and they all went home happy.

******The End*******

Accolades for Emma and the Creepy Hour
"An adventurous tale of a young girls journey to find her special friend.  A second grade Hot List Reader!" - Mrs. Gehring

"A thriller!  Put chills down my spine but so glad it worked out!" - Mommy

"Very good story" - Gavin

"I had fun reading story" - Tayla BFF

"Blew my head off!!!!" - Nick


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