Ella's 7th Birthday

I cannot believe that it has already been a month since Ella turned 7.  She is already acting 17, gets her feistyness from her mother obviously.

For her birthday, Ella took a few friends to the movie to see Hop.  The kids all wore bunny ears during the movie, we had about half a row filled with little girls, then Sarah, myself, and Max.  The theater brought a little kids meal thing to each kid with some popcorn, candy, and a drink.  Ella also got to bring home a movie poster from the movie which is now hanging in her room.  I need to get a real movie poster frame that lights up and makes it look cool.

The next day we had dinner with some friends, and Ella's boyfriend Joe, who did not go to Ella's party.  She was on a restricted number of guests, she would have invited thirty people if it were up to her.  I have to say, I made some amazing cupcakes, I made about 75 in total (for her school, for her party, and some for dinner).  But the dinner ones were the best, I whipped up a slated caramel buttercream frosting to top the chocolate cupcakes, they were pretty awesome, but enough about me.

She was delighted with all of her presents, including the dozens that were mailed.  Now she is heading full speed ahead towards the big number 8.


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