Trip to Vegas

A few weeks back now Sarah and I enjoyed a nice complementary (prize from my poker championship).  We had 3 nights and 4 days at the Wynn at the end of the strip.  We were hoping to get some nice comps just from our name, but none really came.  One pit boss asked for a raise, and a lot of people would do a double take when they saw our name.

We had a great time, the room was fantastic, it is a really nice hotel.  So nice, that we didn't do a whole lot at the other casinos.  Most everything we did was on the Wynn property, we walked the strip a couple of times and checked out a few things, but it was so convenient to stay that we often did just that.
Our home away from home
Our room
Our view of the strip

The furthest we made it down the strip was to Paris for some crepes and a little gambling.  On the way we checked out Bellagio and the Animal Rescue thing at the Mirage.  Sarah swears that the people right in front of us there used to work with her when we lived in Fenton.  She said they even came over for dinner once or twice.  I had no memory of them whatsoever, so we did a good job of avoiding them to avoid an awkward situation.
This is just outside looking up
Caesar's Palace Fountains
Sarah got ferocious at the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage
Dolphin at the Dolphin Habitat, I think they had about 6 of them
This White Lion was pretty cool, I wish they had been playing White Lion tracks over the PA in this area
Besides walking around and enjoying a crepe or a cheeseburger we did all of our eating at the Wynn.  Every where you go in Vegas is pretty expensive, we sampled Okada on our first night.  Good food although it is mainly a sushi place and I was hoping for a cook it at your table Japanese experience.  Apparently, I asked for the wrong side of the restaurant.  However, we did have the best seat in the house and made the most out of it.  Sarah and I really like to people watch and Vegas is a great place for people watching.  You get some really interesting characters in that town.  At both of our meals we had some odd couples right next to us.  Both times they were married (to each other), but from their conversations (yes, we eavesdrop) you would think that they just met.  Maybe some weird role-playing, I don't know.

On the second night, I was having one heck of a run at the poker table, so I didn't want to get up and leave to go eat, so we ate late and just grabbed some food at a little cafe by the casino.  We saved our best meal for last, eating at the SW Steakhouse.  I will say that it was excellent, but I would not rate it as the best steak that I have ever had, despite it costing twice as much as the best steak I have ever had.  But I would probably go back, after I sampled a couple other Vegas steakhouses.  We also lived it up that night and saw Le Reve at the Wynn, which is their water based show that is an imitation of Cirque's O (also in Vegas).  I will have to check out O one day to make a direct comparison, but Sarah and I really liked Le Reve.  The theater was a really cool 360 degree theater with the water/stage in the middle.  Every seat had a great view, and the performance was pretty cool.  We went all out and did the VIP package which meant nicer seats, champagne, strawberries, and chocolates.  The best part was that we had our own personal waitress just for the two of us all night.

That was pretty much it, we ate, saw a show, walked around, and gambled.  We kept to a little video poker (for free drinks), craps, and poker.  I did well at the poker tables, but gave most of those winnings back to the craps table.  That's how it goes I suppose.


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