Summer Update

Well, it has been quite awhile since we have updated the site.  That is because it has been a pretty typical summer for us.  We haven't done a whole lot outside of normal summer stuff.  There is some adjusting into only having the sun for the summer, it makes you want to go out every day and get as much of it while you can.  Here are a few highlights from the summer so far.

There has been a whole ton of birthday parties for the kids, seems like there is one every weekend.  One of the cooler ones was for a little girl in Ella's class.  Her family has some friends who work at the zoo, so her party was at the zoo.  All of the kids got to feed the giraffes, and then spend all day at the zoo checking things out.  It is really quite a nice zoo, very big, the animals have very natural enclosures so it doesn't feel like those old zoos full of cages.


Ella was pretty determined to learn how to ride her bike without her training wheels.  After it finally got nice out, we started to give it a go.  She was able to pick it up pretty quickly and now there is no stopping her.  She cruises up and down the sidewalk as happy as can be.  She only fell one time the other day while turning, but she got right back on today and kept trucking.  I just got my mountain bike all tuned up and have been going trail riding the last few weekends.  She really wants to go with me, but she isn't quite ready for that yet.

At the end of June, the Butcher family, Gene, Lisa, Caitlin, and Connor were able to come out and visit Seattle for a week.  We all had a really good time, but I think the highlight for everyone was the whale watching.  We drove out towards the coast, and took a ferry to San Juan Island.  From Friday Harbor on the island, it is a short drive to the coast to Lime Kiln State Park.  You can take a short walk out to the water and see the Orca pods all summer long as they travel up and down the coast.  We had great views right from the shore as several small groups made their way by.  It was definitely very cool.


Ella became famous in the game community, I posted a photo of her holding a "Lancer", which is the main gun in Gear of War, on my twitter account.  It got picked up by a gaming site called Kotaku, and was run on their front page.  I wasn't bothered that they used the photo, but I would have preferred if they had given me a heads up before hand just so that I knew it was coming.

As we get ready to get the kids back to school, they both start on September 1st.  Ella starts 1st grade, back to all day school, and Max will be in pre-K three days a week.

Ella is about to lose her first teeth.  Two of her lower front teeth are pretty loose, and I suspect they will come out within the next couple of weeks.  She is pretty excited, she wiggles them around all the time, and can't wait to put them under her pillow for the tooth fairy.  Ella is also back into soccer and can't wait for her first practice next Wednesday.  I will not be coaching this year, we'll see how it goes from the sidelines for me.

That's it for this time, I have actually been travelling quite a bit this year, more than anticipated.  But I should be taking a break from that for awhile.  I'm looking forward to being home for awhile, getting the kids into school and everything that goes with it.


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