Photos coming soon

I am putting the finishing touches on getting photos back up and easy. You can go to the Ella photo page over on the left to see work in progress. The page is a bit messy, but at the top there is the 5 most recently added photos, then beneath that it displays each one of the albums that are hosted on the web. I will get that cleaned up, organized, and looking nice next.

We will be using Picasa to host the photos which is a free Google service. I have a bit of cleanup and then a lot of photos to upload.

The site is now being fed from (for this section of the page), FeedBurner to show the photo albums that are being hosted on Picasa (feedburner is an rss promoter, so if you are rss savvy, you can subscribe on your own I think and be automatically updated whenever new content is added), and Google Calendar for the calendar. It is almost entirely automated, I just update content and the website gets updated. Pretty cool.

If you have a minute, click on the ads over on the right, I actually earn money for the number of clicks on that.


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