It's been a rough year for my body

My body is just taking a beating this year. About 2 weeks ago I was walking through our bedroom in the dark and did not realize that Sarah left a suitcase in the middle of floor. I kicked it with my left food in full stride. I am pretty sure that I broke the toe next to your little toe. It was pretty mangled, and still hurts. I did not go to the doctor because I figured they would not actually do anything, so I am dealing with it.

Then yesterday we were ice skating, more on that later, and I had Max in front of me helping him out. He lost his balance and fell forward and took me with him. As I was falling right on top of him squashing him, I let go with my right hand and tried to catch myself. It did not end well, and I tore or pulled a muscle in my shoulder. It hurts quite a lot, spasms occasionally. The worst part is that I can only lift it up about 20 - 30 degrees, and then I just cannot lift it any higher. We'll see how it feels tomorrow to see if I go to the doctor or not. It is feeling a bit better now, but that might be due to the medication.


Chris said...

Chris is a bit whiny lately

Chris said...

That last Chris said was actually a Sarah said, and I take offense to that.

Anonymous said...

You kicked your left "food", I see your brain is also a bit damaged.

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