Picked up right where we left off

The Apopka Pirates opened up the spring season last weekend with a 14-4 thrashing. Apopka's mini Mia Hamm scored 12 of the opponent's 14 goals, we just had no answer for her. We opened the game with first goal and things were looking good. Unfortunately, our 3 rookies had a little rookie jitters and were not very aggressive. The scheduling committee also has it out for us. The league has grown enough to require 2 divisions, and we were supposed to go into the new, more inexperienced division, but that was not to be. And almost all of our games are scheduled for 9am. If you remember from last year, we are not much of a morning team, but they could have at least given us some 11am games.

This week is even worse as we have team photos at 8am before our 9am game. I am not making a very bold prediction this week.

Parents started speaking out at last week's practice. Somehow, one of the nearby teams has some crazy coach that actually gets all of her kids to listen to her during practice. I was told maybe I should go observe one of her practices (ours are a bit more chaotic in style). I responded with a blistering pace in practice, we ran up and down that field for an hour straight. I am going to get some hunger and aggressiveness in them.


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