A Day at the Pumpkin Patch

With Halloween quickly approaching, we spent the afternoon at the pumpkin patch this past Saturday.  We had to get some pumpkins after all.  The place was jam packed with people, the kids played around on some hay bales while I went in search of a wheelbarrow to carry the bounty in.  We figured, there was no way we would be able to carry them all throughout the field.  It was quite the contest to secure an unattended wheelbarrow, I finally found one hidden by a tent and scooped it up before anyone saw it.

Max was probably the fastest pumpkin picker ever.  It took him all of about 3 minutes to look at a nice orange, round one and say "that one".  We loaded it up and Max spent the rest of the day riding around in style.  Take a look at this giant pumpkin that we scored for the front porch, the thing is gigantic.  Max's choice is right next to him.

Ella on the other hand has a lot more of Sarah in her when it comes to this type of thing.  She has to make the perfect choice and will take her time to make it.  She scoured that field looking for the perfect pumpkin.  She had 2 criteria, it needed to be orange, and she needed to be able to pick it up.  As you can see this one did not fit her criteria.

When I was paying for her pumpkin of choice, I noticed that the bottom of it was a bit rotten, so we had to go through the whole process once again.  We went back through every row of the field until she finally found another one.  Then on the way back we took a detour through the corn maze that was next to the patch.  Once we found our way out I realized that you were supposed to pay to do the maze, felt a little bad that we jumped in there without paying, but such is life sometimes.  Besides, we probably went a little overboard on the pumpkins.

We plan on carving these bad boys this week sometime.  The rest of the month we are spending getting ready for a Halloween party that we are throwing on the 30th.  Now that we live somewhere where Halloween gets cold, we thought it was a good idea to throw a party so the kids get another chance to wear their costumes, especially indoors where it is warmer.

Ella is all lined up to be Wonder Woman, while Max has stuck with his love of Star Wars and is dressing up as Captain Rex.


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