Max's Creative Writing

As part of the school year ending, Max brought home some of his creative writing from 1st grade that we got a kick out of.  Not really sure where the whole cat thing came from, and that last one has quite the twist at the end.

Sunny days are best
Umm... what are we eating
Mmm.. I love hot dogs!
My summer vacation is for cookie cake and video games
Eh.. I am tired
Rrrr.. I don't want summer to end

The Best Pet
I think cats make the best pet in the world.  Because they are soft they are good to cuddle with.  Secondly, they chase mice out of your house.  Last, they don't have fleas.  That's why cats are epic pets.

Attack of the Devils!!
Me and my friends and family were digging.  Then the problem came.  We hit rock, that was bad.  Then we went over to my place.  Then we started to dig again, we got to the core of the earth then.  Ella let a rope down so we could get up then we got a rock and threw it at a wolf.  The wolf ran at us but it fell in the hole and died!!!  We went down in the hole.  I was scared that I was going to die like the wolf, but we noticed that there was devils and Ella died!  Dun, dun, dun!!!!


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