Early opinions of Canada

Well, we have only been in Canada for a week.  Here are the first things that I have noticed.

Food is expensive, way more than expected.  Almost $4 for a half gallon of milk.  We went to Dairy Queen, and a small Blizzard cost $6.  Back in the sweet days of an awesome exchange rate compared to the US dollar, it wasn't a big deal, but I am noticing it now.

Oreos suck here for some reason.  The filling is really thick, not soft, moist and delicious.  Disappointing,

Too much change, I am conflicted on this one.  It doesn't make any financial sense for a government to produce a dollar bill.  But these toonies and loonies are weighing me down.  Willing to take it though, as a bonus the penny is on its way out here, prices are rounded to the nearest .05.

Debit cards and credit cards are still separate, which is just plain weird.  Didn't we figure this out in the States like a decade ago.  Debit cards that work as Visas are way easier.  The Canadians do have the secure chip going for them though.

The people have been super friendly and helpful, still need to get a medical insurance card and test the system.


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