Apopka Pirates Open the Season at 0-1

We had our first soccer game yesterday, and despite a tough effort, we fell to the Jaguars 8-6 (they scored 2 of our goals too). We don't technically keep score or standings, but I do, I just don't tell the kids. We played well, and played especially good in the last 5 minutes. I have to work with my team to be more aggressive. If the other team had the ball, we would tend to just run next to them and not try to take the ball away. Our next game is next week.


Anonymous said...

You HAVE to check out a book called "Kick the Balls" by Alan Black. Let me summarize:

Scottish import bartender agrees to coach a kids soccer team....Hilarity ensues as things like cursing, hacking and rough play are frowned upon.

If you dont laugh your way through the book there is something wrong with you.

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