Max's Birthday Party

We had Max's birthday party yesterday, went off very well. It was a big Star Wars party, Max even wanted to wear his Anakin costume without the robe. The menu was:

Ewok Eats (veggies and cream cheese)
Tie Fighter Ties (little weenies with a breadstick around around it)
Darth Vader Dogs (a hot dog with a crescent roll wrapped around the base)
Death Star Meatballs
Light Saber Pretzels (chocolate covered pretzels in blue and red chocolate)
Wookie Cookies
Darth Vader Cupcakes
Ewok Cupcakes
Yoda Soda
Sith Slush

Zach, Felicia's fiance, ran a Jedi Training academy for all of the kids. And we had a big inflatable water slide, sans water (it was too cold), for the kids to play in.

Max had a really good time, and loved to study his presents. Now, we are officially bowing out of the big birthday party business.

Here is a link to some of the photos.


Timóteo Camargo said...

Happy birthday Max!!
EStamos com saudades de vocês!
Mandem abraço pras crianças!
Abraçao pra voces!
Fiquem com Deus!

Anonymous said...

Why were there no Globs at this party? You could have called them Wookie droppings.

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