Last 2 soccer games

Did not go so well, we lost last Saturday 8-3. We were knotted 3-3 at the half, but somehow just fell apart in the second half and ended up losing 8-3.

We had a primetime game last Tuesday that I thought the kids would really step up for because we tend to play better in primetime. We were playing a team that beat us pretty bad earlier in the season, so I was looking for revenge. It was a pretty intense game, lots of shouting to the kids between myself and the other coach. We fell behind 4-0 after the first period, but fought back to make it 4-2 at the half. Once again, everyone fell asleep in the second half and we lost the game 8-2. We scored 4 own goals, otherwise it was a very competitive game. There was even a little pushing, pulling, and shoving between the kids.

We only have 2 games left, the next two Saturdays, looking to pull at least one more victory out.


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