The Bizarro Wynns

I meant to post this with the first day of school post.  We have met the bizarro Wynns at Ella's school.  There was an orientation/meet the teacher day about a week before school started.  All of the kids showed up with their parents and families to figure out this whole going to school all day thing.

There is another little girl in Ella's class named Ellie.  About the same size as Ella, long brown hair, they were friends pretty much instantly.  Ellie's family was of course there as well, she happened to have a little brother the same age as Max.  Her parents were the complete opposite from Sarah and I.  She was shy and he was very outgoing and they are both from the South (judging by the accents).

The first day of school I was sitting there waiting to pick Ella up in our Blue Buick Rendezvous when I spotted Ellie's family right in front of a red Buick Rendezvous.  Sarah just learned this morning that they even live in our subdivision.

It is all a little too weird for me.....


Anonymous said...

I think they are really cool :)

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