First Day of School

Meant to post this awhile ago.  The kids started school down in Florida back on August 26th.  Ella has started kindergarten, she is in school from 8:45am to 2:50pm every day (Wednesday's get out an hour early).  She is pretty excited about it.  It could be a little weird for her here in Sweden when we move because kids don't start school until they are 7, so she will actually go back into daycare, with next year being more like kindergarten as we know it.
But then they quickly catch up over here and actually end up a little ahead of Americans by the time high school is done.  She still wasn't used to having to wake up and get ready for school.  Her school serves breakfast every morning, so she had breakfast at school on her first day.

Max was also excited to start preschool this year. He goes just 2 days a week to the same preschool that Ella went to for the last 2 years.  He quite enjoys it, but he never tells us what he does during the day.  The photo kind of sucks thanks to Florida's awesome humidity.  Taking the camera from the air conditioned car to the humid outside caused the lens to fog over.


Anonymous said...

Always fun on the first day of school. Hope things are still going well. Brenden and Avery are doing good so far.

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