Have to toot my own horn

A few stories hit the internet about my new job and it resulted in my receiving more linked in requests from old colleagues than I would have ever guessed.  I suppose people really read these things.



It hasn't helped my Google ranking, I'll have to work on that (just kidding of course).  I am wrapping up the end of a very long 3 week tour, then I get back to Florida for a little over a week.  The house is getting moved on the 3rd of December, and then we close on it on the 4th.  Then I am off to France for a week, back to Sweden for a couple of days, then off for another week of travel before heading back stateside for the Holidays.  After the Holidays, the whole family will go back to Sweden together finally.  Be sure to check out the new widget that I added to the right, it always tells you where I am with all my travel, and tracks how many miles I have traveled since taking the job in Sweden.


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