A week back in Florida

I just got back in Sweden after going to Florida to see Sarah and the kids for Halloween and Sarah's birthday.  It was a busy week as we try to wrap things up to get ready to move everything to Sweden.  I will be travelling non stop until we move, with two more trips to Florida planned.

Halloween was really nice.  Ella was Daphne from Scooby Doo and Max was Jango Fett from Star Wars.  His costume is pretty big, so he will probably wear that around the house for a couple of years.  Ella was a power trick or treater as usual really working the old neighborhood with her friend, Ella Grace.  Max as usual, got pretty tired out and was done after about an hour or so.  Sarah and the kids picked me up at the airport the night before a bit after midnight, so they were pretty tired.  The guy that turns his house into a haunted house went even bigger this year.  He extended it out of his garage with some 2x4's and tarps and stuff.  Then he advertised it all down the main road leading into the development, and he had a band playing in the front yard, it was quite the event.  Ella couldn't get the nerve up to go through it this year, and Max didn't want to go near it, so we did not go through this year.  Unfortunately, the battery in our camera died right away, so we only got a few pictures.

On Sunday, we spent Sarah's birthday at Epcot for the Food and Wine Festival which is always one of our favorite events to go to.  For the fourth year in a row, Mexico wins my vote for having the best food.

While we were in the UK (in Epcot), Max decided to go goofy and liberal.

After Ella and Sarah got some Henna art done, we had dinner in Morocco, Ella really liked the belly dancer.

Then finally, the kids got all ready for Sweden with a visit to Norway.  We bought Max a jacket, and Sarah could not resist getting some new winter boots from one of the big Scandinavian brands.

To wrap up my visit, we went and bought Max's big boy bed (it will be delivered to the house in Florida today).  It is a pretty cool bunk bed with some storage and shelves that will be really great for him.  The coolest part of the visit was that we went to the Orlando Magic game on Wednesday night.  I had won that opportunity to be on the court before the game started and high five the team during the player introductions.  That was really cool, the whole family was able to be part of it, they are supposed to be emailing some photos to us, so when I get those I will post more about that.


Jackie Smith said...

I cannot believe how big they all are!! Time sure does fly. I miss you guys and all the kids. I hope you all are doing well in Seattle.


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