Max's Birthday(s)

Max really lucked out this year and scored the birthday trifecta, he ended up getting cake 3 different times because we ended up being all over the place around his birthday so he scored 3 little parties with presents, cake, and ice cream.  The only trouble was getting all of his presents from Florida back to Seattle.  We had to buy 2 new bags to pack stuff in to take back with us, we didn't have enough room in our luggage.

Max kicked off his week of birthday celebration with having a few friends over to the house to watch Star Wars and have some cup cakes and ice cream.  It was nice and simple, we ordered a few pizzas and made "light side/dark side" cupcakes.  They were just chocolate cupcakes with either red or blue frosting in the middle, the kids had to choose wisely to see which side they ended up on.

Next up, we headed down to Florida for a vacation at Disney World on Max's actual birthday.  So we had a birthday lunch at the Magic Kingdom with my parents and some friends from Florida.  I think the restuarant was supposed to give Max a cake, but all they brought out was a cupcake.  He didn't know the difference and enjoyed it just the same.  We continued a tradition of riding Pirates of the Caribean (his favorite ride) 5 times in a row that night, we did it 4 times in a row on his 4th birthday, 3 times in a row on his 3rd birthday, and twice in a row on his 2nd birthday.

And then finally we had a bunch of friends from Florida meet us at our hotel to enjoy the pool (on the only warm day we had on that vacation).  We ended up with more pizza and a cake for everyone to enjoy.  So Max blew out his candles for the third time, and I ate a whole lot of cake, so much for losing weight this year.

Max loved it all and is happy being 5 now, although he is already talking about what he is going to do on his 6th birthday.


Andrea said...

Thank you so much for posting this stuff...makes me feel like I know what is going on even though we are so far apart! Looks like Max had an amazing birthday with a whole lotta cake!! Eli likes to try and plan at least a couple birthdays into the future as well! Miss you guys...

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