Soccer Update

Finally getting around to another update here.  This time a little sports news before we can post some info from our vacation and Christmas.  Both Ella and Max played soccer this fall.  Soccer is pretty huge in these parts, there must be a million kids in soccer here.  The professional team, the Sounders, are routinely sold out and the games are supposed to really be something.  Most everyone stands through the whole game, we haven't had a chance to make it to one yet, but we would like to next year.

Ella played on the local youth league.  She got teamed up with a few girls in her school along with a few in nearby charter and private schools.  It was a fun team, all girls which was new as Ella played co-ed in Florida.  I will say the Apopka league in Florida was really good now that we have a comparison.  The program there was really top notch (good uniforms, excellent fields, thoughtful scheduling, etc.).  Here in Seattle it feels not quite as good, but Ella still had a lot of fun playing for the Golden Tigers.  I did not volunteer to coach this year as I wanted to keep some time to myself, I have to say that I missed it a bit, it is incredibly rewarding to coach little kids in something.  Ella's skills increased quite a bit through the year, I think it is starting to click with her.  We will probably sign her up in the spring again, though she is asking to try basketball, so we may give that a go at some point.  I think I also might try to get her into golf this coming summer, she has the long arms and body to develop a good golf swing.

Ella is hustling to play some defense here

Ella needs to learn the finer details of helping out her teammates, never leave a man behind

Max also played at a nearby indoor facility since he is not old enough for the local youth league yet.  They run a nice program just to get kids having fun, they learn some skills and scrimmage every practice.  We signed him up again for the winter session, and will probably try baseball in the summer.  Max has a real knack for hitting the ball, he might be a good golfer one day too.


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