Christmas 2012

Christmas is most definitely the kids favorite holiday.  This year was our first Christmas in North Carolina (thought that it would be a little warmer than it was).  We also drove up to Michigan to see family and friends over the Christmas break, stopping to see Chris' brother, Eric in West Virginia on the way up.

The kids got a ton of presents as usual, though Sarah and I really cut down on them this year.  We pretty much stuck to our rule of only three presents for each kid.  With everyone else that buys them gifts, they still end up with a ton of presents and were as happy as could be.

Max really stocked up on Lego sets, he probably has more sets than any other 7 year old the world over.  It is getting tough to manage all of the little pieces.

Ella with her cousins Caitlin and Lindsey
Max got a little sick at Sarah's family party and decided to just lay down as we were getting ready to leave


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