Disney Vacation - 2012

We had another excellent December vacation to Disney World for Max's 7th birthday, keeping with the tradition of going each year on his birthday.  We'll see how much longer we can keep this up, the whole family wants to get back to Hawaii and go on another cruise, so at some point we might have to make some decisions.

We took it more our usual style this year and really relaxed.  We didn't try to do too much, so we were able to take each day at a nice easy pace.  We were still able to see everything that we wanted and had a lot of fun.

Max lost his first tooth on his birthday at the Magic Kingdom!
We had a good ole normal adventure at the Animal Kingdom.  A ton of animals were out on the safari, including the lions and cheetahs.
Max acted as official navigator.
The Cheetahs were out on the safari
Max's first ride on Expedition Everest, he still is saying that he will never ride it again
For the first time ever, we were able to get Max and Ella signed up for the Jedi training academy.  We have watched it probably a million times, but never knew how to participate.  We finally learned that you need to get to Hollywood Studios when it opens and go straight over and sign up at this little desk by the American Idol Experience.  They give you a time slot to come back for and take part of the training.  Max kept saying that he was going to go 'freestyle' on Darth Vader, but in the end he decided to stick with the script.

Sticking with tradition, we rode Pirates of the Caribbean 7 times in a row for Max's birthday.  This tradition is getting a bit time intensive, I think it took about 2 hours of our day just to do this.  On one of the rides, we got a questionable boat, the thing was full of water when we sat down (nasty water too), and then at the part where it goes down that little hill, we got absolutely soaked at the bottom.  Not sure what was wrong with that boat to cause that but it was kind of gross.

Max and Ella took the Pirate oath and got made up like pirates this year


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