Ella's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Ella was challenged to take the ALS ice bucket challenge yesterday.  She took a bucket full of super cold ice water this afternoon and has challenged her friend Elise.

I was also challenged yesterday but have decided to forego the ice bath and instead will be donating money to several charities.  It's not that ALS is not a worthy cause or people should not worry about it.  We have known so many people that have had to fight or learn to live with terrible, debilitating diseases.  We would rather donate to several causes and try to help people we personally know that are learning to cope in an unfair world.

ALSA - I will help support raising more money for this cause that has received tremendous awareness through their ice bucket challenge.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society - To honor Jamie Reynold's mother who has been fighting MS for many, many year.

To honor Ashton Whalen, the daughter of our good friends in Florida, the Whalens.  Ashton has been battling Leukemia for several years now, we will donate to the charity of Ashton's choosing.


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