The newest member of our family, Olaf

We have added another member to our Canadian family.  We couldn't resist a new puppy whom we named Olaf.  He is a white Miniature Schnauzer, that we got here in Quebec.  There is some controversy over the white versions of this breed.  The American and Canadian branches will not recognize it as an official version of the breed, though after genetic testing most other countries do now recognize it as an official color.

We were torn between naming him Olaf after the snowman in Frozen, or Blitz which was sort for Blizzard.  Ultimately, Sarah and the kids won and his name stuck as Olaf.  He's pretty much the greatest puppy ever.


Anonymous said...

Super cute puppy! I just rescued a puppy in June. He was named Olaf before we got him. Out of curiosity I googled how many puppies were out there with that name. Of course yours came up too. There's pretty many! Anyway, have fun with your handsome pup. I also have a schnauzer/yorki mix named Bella. She's 4 years old.

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