Spent the day at Disney

The kids had Disney World withdrawl which is sort of ridicolous, but whatever. So, we decided to go to Disney World for the day. Turned out to not be such a nice day. We got there around 3pm, watched the parade, and then headed over towards Thunder Mountain to get some fast passes. It started to rain just after that, so we had to hide out in the Hall of Presidents for a little while. Ella and I went back to Thunder Mountain after the rain ended, but the ride had been struck by lighting and was not working. We had some dinner and then went back to Thunder Mountain and it was working again, so Ella and I decided to ride it. Afterwards, the wait for Splash Mountain was pretty short, so Ella and I jumped on that while Max and Sarah played in the little kids playground. Max is too little for these two rides.

We headed for Pirates after Splash Mountain because that is Max's favorite. We lucked out, there was no line whatsoever. But, when we got off it was starting to rain again. We decided to ride it one more time to see if the rain slowed down. It did slow down a bit, so we headed out. We got a little wet, but had taken our ponchos, so we were ok.

Not a bad day overall, but the rain kind of dampened things a bit. The kids certainly enjoyed it.


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