Spent an afternoon at Typhoon Lagoon

Since work is a little slow right now, I took Fiday afternoon off. Our water park passes were expiring that day, so we decided to use them on the last day. Unfortunately, it started to rain again right as we go there. There was lightning in the area, so all of the attractions were temporarily closed. We had to hide out in a store for awhile. It eventually stopped raining, but everything was closed for another 30 mintues. When everything finally opened, it started to drizzle which made things a little cold, but the kids loved it. Max rode the kids inner tube slide about 20 times in a row, then we took a ride on the family tube ride, and a trip around the lazy river.

We finished the day in the wave pool. Ella would scream "that was so awesome" as loud as she could after every wave crashed over us. We grabbed some ice cream on our way out, and came home and put the kids to bed.


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