Took in another Magic game

I was able to get some free tickets to the Magic game tonight from work. So, we took the kids right after our family holiday party at work where they got to talk to Santa because they enjoyed going to the first one about a month ago so much. Ella practically led our section in the Def-ense chant. The people around us got so into it, that the guy in front of us and acquired some of those boom sticks and gave one to her to help. Then later on she made friends with a young couple behind us and sat with them instead of us through the entire 4th quarter. They gave her one of those big foam fingers, so we ended up with 2 souvenirs that we didn't pay for, and the game was free. The Magic won as well.

Tomorrow is Max's birthday of course. He has asked for donuts for breakfast, then they have another kid's birthday party to go to. The only other thing that he has asked for is to go ride Pirates of the Caribbean at Disney World, so we will probably try to do that for him.


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