Settled into Seattle

It has been awhile since our last post.  We have been pretty busy getting moved into our new place in Seattle.  There are a few more boxes to unpack still, and need to buy some bookshelves, but other than that we are pretty well settled in now.  Here is the house that we are renting in Redmond.  I am just about 5 minutes from work, although we just announced that my group will be moving over to the main campus which will take another 10 to 15 minutes which is kind of a bummer.  The job is going really well so far, Microsoft does not act like the huge company that it is.

Ella has gotten into her new Kindergarten class at Alcott Elementary, and Max just started pre school at a Timberlake Christian, which is a local church that we have tried out.  Both of them are really enjoying it, Ella gets to ride the bus to school, I think that is her favorite part of the new school.

The family has Olympic fever again, we have enjoyed the first 2 days of coverage so far.  We are planning on heading up to Vancouver next weekend to check things out.  We don't have any event tickets, but we'll check it out when we get up there to see if we try to see something or not.


Anonymous said...

Very cute house! Just want to remind you that you WILL need your passports to go to Vancouver. I know you must all have current ones in light of the Sweeden thing!
Don't forget them at home Sarah or you might have to attend someone's graduation!!!!
Love U,
Aunt Pam
P.S. How about an address for this cute place?

Chris said...

The Contact Us tab is updated with our new address now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris! That was a fast response.

Anonymous said...

Super cute house guys. Glad to hear all is going well. Look forward to some more pictures and updates. Love You, Kathi

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