Road Trip!

Ever since we got the new car, the kids have been asking to go on a road trip.  We think this is just because they wanted to watch movies in the car and hook up the Xbox in the car to play while in the car.  Nevertheless, we decided to go for it.

Our original plan was to head down to Lake Tahoe and stay there for the weekend, but my crazy travel schedule through August and September made things a little difficult.  Labor Day weekend was the only time available to go and all of the resorts in Tahoe were booked solid so we needed a new plan.  We had also planned on stopping in Sacramento to see our good friends, the Schwaznicks, who had just moved there from up here.  So instead of going to Tahoe, we just drove down to Sacramento to stay with them over the Labor Day weekend before getting back to Seattle so that the kids could start school.

The map makes this look like a pretty simple drive, pretty much a straight shot, about 750 miles one way.  We figured about 12 hours of driving.  Our lack of road trip knowledge hurt us on this one.  We hit all kinds of holiday weekend traffic, especially in Portland leaving Seattle at about 1pm.  At 1am, we were still about 2 hours away and just had to stop in Reading, CA for a quick sleep.  A nice night at the Holiday Inn and we were back on the road with a nice easy drive the rest of the way.

We had a great weekend in the pool and just hanging out on the golf course, playing a little night golf.  One night we went to visit Whitney's Tomb, which is this crazy mini-pyramid that this eccentric dude who had originally owned all of the land built for himself when he died.

The way home was just about the same, lots of returning holiday traffic.  Sarah drove through some of the mountains in Northern California while I took a quick nap.  We pulled over for a quick break and as soon as I got into the bathroom with Max, he threw up right into the toilet.  Sarah's crazy mountain driving made him car sick.  Let it be known that I have never made someone throw up with my driving, I'm just saying.  We still got home in time for the kids to get in bed and ready to start school the next day.

The good news is that we can go quite a while before feeling like we need to take another road trip.


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