Soccer Season Summary

Another fall is through, and another soccer season is in the books.  Max got his first outdoor season behind him with a more casual city league.  Good to get him out in the grass and running around though.

As Ella gets older, the competitive spirit in her and the league picks up intensity.  The still do not keep official score at this age (which is total crap), but don't tell the girls that because every single one of them keeps score. Ella got really aggressive this year, really getting physical and using her body (well, mostly her elbows) to get the other girls off the ball.  She also makes some runs towards the net when she gets the ball which she was always hesitant to do.  Working with her to keep the hustle up and not give up on plays and to get her shots off quicker.

She still managed two goals on the season.  Her highlight game came about midway through the season.  At the 2nd grade level they add goaltenders, and each of the kids gets a turn in net.  Ella played the 2nd half in a game and didn't allow a single goal, she was just a rock back there all over that ball, nothing got by her.  One little girl even rattled off one heck of a shot that actually got some air under it.  No problem for Ella though, she just got in front of it and caught it right in her stomach amazing everyone.  Her second appearance in net didn't go quite so smoothly, but hey we all have off games right.

Next up is basketball season for Ella through the winter, and Max wants to play baseball and flag football in the Spring.


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