Christmas with the Wynns

With the holidays behind us, and us starting to get settled down and back into a routine, I finally found some time to get caught up on the site.  Small update on Christmas, which was great as usual.  While it is always hard to not be with our friends and family in Michigan around this time of year, we had a very enjoyable relaxing day on Christmas.

Both Ella and Max got way too many presents, which happens each year.  Ella snagged a guitar from Santa (arranging some lessons for both her and I right now), and Max scored a whole slew of brand new Lego sets from the fat man (that I then spent hours and hours building with him).

Sarah has made me promise that we will get to Michigan this year sometime between Christmas and New Years.  Looking forward to getting home and seeing a lot of people that I have not seen in several years now.
That is a serious amount of presents
Ella and Max opening something together
Not sure there is a holiday that Ella loves more 
Proudly showing off a pretty cool Lego set
Nice hat!
Pretty excited to get a surprisingly fast electric scooter from Grandma Linda


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