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Ella is really getting into writing in school, she really enjoys writing about all kinds of things, but usually writes more non fiction than fiction.  Here are a few samples unedited to enjoy.  Sometimes she included a quick drawing to go with it, so I scanned those in when I could and included them below the writings.

I am going to start with our favorite one, which happens to be the most recent.  The class really put a focus on writing after getting back from Christmas, so this was her main story in a whole book of "Persuasive Letters" that was sent home recently.  Jump down to some of the letters beginning in January of 2012, and you can really see a big improvement in her writing very quickly.  I copied these verbatim, italics are her words exactly.

Not Title - 1/27/12
Dear owners of shelter,

Perhaps you know that poor NEED SHELTER?!  I want to tell you a few reasons to GIVE SHELTER TO THE POOR!  Every day the poor are FEERZING.  They have NO FOOD at all.  All they have is curmbs.  The kids that are poor don't have any toys.  They would want toys like other kids that are not poor.  They also have to live on SIDEWALKS.  I, Ella Wynn, declare that we Washongtin help the homeles with NOTHING.  P.S. I am not the govurment.  GIVE SHELTER TO THE POOR!

Do it for happiens!

We have had some conversations about how we can help the local homeless so that Ella learns to become part of the solution and not just complain about problems without doing anything about it.  She seems pretty encouraged to try and raise some money that we can take to a few local shelters to help out.

Secert Running Club - 9/20/11
I love running club.  I was in running club for two years.  This year and last year.  I am a fast runner.  I love running.  It is very fun, I run two hors a day.  It is the best thing ever in the whole wide world and it is a secret misson.  I have to do it because it helps for are very sercret sports club.  Are sports club is secret.

No Title - 10/13/11
I'm a Police for Hollwen!  I love Hollwen it is my favorite holiday.  I get to go thrik.... (presumably she ran out of time on this one).
No Title - No Date
I love the bars.  I can hang upside down.  I am teching someone on the bars.  The bars are relly fun.  I play with Tayla.  Tayla is in awesome frind.  I cold never ask for a frind like her.  The end.

No Title - No Date
The monkey bars are so esey and fun.  All you have to do is put one arm and the other arm on the other bar.  I just did it at resses.  It was very very fun.  I love the monkey bars.  The end.

Skylanders - 1/3/12
Skylanders is a game.  There are people and cerutures.  Spyro is a dragon he is the main character.  Skylanders is a fun video game!

No Title - 1/4/12
Dear Fernando (not sure who Fernando is),

Have you ever had a banna?  They can be little and big.  They are mushy and bite size.  They are sometimes yukky or yummy.  They are slippry when you pick them up.  The have good textder.  At least bannas can be the best fruit in America.  You should try one.  Bannas can be textedered with flavors.

Cincrely, Ella

No Title - 1/11/12
Dear Mr. Obmama,

You have to go to Harry Potter Land!  It is epic!  This is the deathly hallows sign: drawing not scanned.  The pepole's name's: Harry Potter, Hermione, and Ron.  I should tell you a sad part of Dethly Hallows part one.  My favorite character died named Dobby.  The principals name is Dumbouldor.  The lord bad guy is Vouldamor.  I would say that it is sad becuse a lot of kids and techers die.  And one of Rons twin older brother, Groege died.  Rons mom ran over crying becuse Groege died.  And Rons other twin brothers ear got ingured.  A sad part was when Hogwarts got destroyed.  I predecit that it's the end of Harry Potter.  Maybe ther'll be a Harry Potter 8 with there kids.  I predeict that Harry Potter will become history.  I want to ask you two questions.  Do you know what dumbuledor means?  This is not a Harry Potter qusetein.  How many years fo you get to be Presindent?

Love, Ella Wynn


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