Ella's 1st Basketball Season

We just put a wrap on Ella's first season in basketball.  I ended up coaching the team after there was a desperate plea for someone to volunteer and coach.  Coaching kids in basketball that have never played is actually pretty complex.  It is no wonder that soccer and baseball are so popular for kids, they are really easy.  Trying to teach 1st and 2nd graders about travelling, double dribbling, how to setup on offense and defense is really tough.

Ella did great, she really put a lot into practice and by the end of the season she was the team's best dribbler and defender.  She definitely wants to play more, we will probably look for some summer clinics and stuff so that she can continue to get better.

The team did great too, while we don't officially keep score, we for sure won more than we lost.  Looking forward to next season.


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