Ella's 8th Birthday

Just about a week ago, Ella hit the big 0-8.  Big milestone for her because she no longer needs a booster seat in the car, she was pretty excited about that, I had to drive her to school in the morning so that she could try it out.

We kept things pretty simple this year because we are headed to Hawaii in another week as part of her birthday.  We just had dinner at home (she wanted Sloppy Joe's), and her friend Tayla and her family came over for cake afterwards.  Grandpa Joe and Grandma DiAnne are also in town to celebrate with her.  The dessert of choice was an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.

A whole bunch of presents arrived in time for her to open all it once.  She really loved all of her presents.

Loving her Nook Tablet from Mommy and Daddy

This crossbow from Grandma and Grandpa was a big score
Useful stuff for the Hawaii trip from the Butcher family
The Butlers had a whole bunch of stuff, she is still going through everything that was in this box
One serious RC car from Grandma Linda and Grandpa Jim


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