In and around Seattle

We just got done with a whole host of visitors that stayed with us for awhile.  Sarah's parents came out a few weeks back to visit because we had a whole group of people from Brazil coming as well.  The whole Butler clan still has a lot of friends down in Brazil from their time there.  One of the families that they were very good friends with have had a couple of opportunities to come visit and were able to make a trip here in April to come see the States.  So we had a family of 4, Tainah, Gildo, and their 2 boys (3 and 4 months) along with Tainah's parents Milton and Marcia.  Then all 4 of us plus Joe and DiAnne and we had one full household, 12 people in total, was quite the scene.

With everyone here we were able to get out and about a bit to see some things in Seattle.  The first thing that we did was get out to the Tulip Festival.  This is an annual event where a Dutch immigrant starting growing tons of tulips here many years ago.  So now they figured out how to really cash in and get people to drive several hours to see the Tulips.  Was pretty cool though.

Every visitor gets the obligatory trip down to the Market and the Space Needle.  We let everyone else enjoy the Space Needle while we hung out downtown (we have been up there a bunch of times).


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